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The ELF Challenge at Birmingham Jewelry!

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The HOTTEST Engagement Ring Designer is having a TRUNK SHOW at Birmingham Jewelry in Sterling Heights on OCTOBER 21 - 22! Call us Today to reserve your spot, this is an event you DON'T want to miss! (586) 939-5100

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PUSH Gift for your Baby's Mother!

Have you ever heard of a push gift? A push gift is given from a dad to the mother of his child to commemorate the birth of their new baby. It is a piece that holds a precious symbol, reminding each other of the precious life you've brought into this world. Yes guys, she couldn't have done it without you, but she took the big step to bear that child for 9 long and stressful months. Morning sickness, sleepless nights, heartburn, the actual delivery process... need we say more? So this is why she deserves a push gift, once she pushes out your child, to make that smile on her face an even bigger one. And plus, once the baby is placed in her hands, they say the mothers world changes and it is all about her child, the little push gift can remind her of your importance in her life as well. Because yes, she did the hard part, but if it weren't for you, conceiving that precious little baby would not have been possible.
No matter what the budget, you'll find something to love on our list of Push Gifts. Check out the most popular celebrity push gift, a necklace with your baby's initial, all available to you at Birmingham Jewelry in Sterling Heights:
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Which one is your favorite? Comment below and let us know!


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PANDORA FREE BRACELET EVENT has officially begun! 
Spend $100 in PANDORA and get a FREE BRACELET at Birmingham Jewelry in Sterling Heights now through April 2!
*FREE bracelet ($65 value). In store only. Valid at Birmingham Jewelry in Sterling Heights. Not valid with prior purchases, exchanges or store credit. Excludes gift card purchases. Additional spend required for 14K gold and two-tone bracelets. See store for full details. 

Vanna K Engagement Ring

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Fashionable Wedding Band

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"Tradition is a guideline not the definitive guide. Let your heart & mind take you where you need to be." How beautiful is this Gabriel & Co. 'untraditional' wedding band? Comment below and let us know what you think! 
All products in our blog are available at Birmingham Jewelry in Sterling Heights. 

Parade Lyria Signature Crown

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Illuminate your sparkling diamond with a Lyria Signature Crown available for you at Birmingham Jewelry in Sterling Heights! 
What we love most about this setting is how the graduated diamonds get smaller towards the top, creating an illusion to make the center diamond POP! What do you think of this setting? Leave a comment below!

Verragio Engagement Rings

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Verragio Engagement Rings, Unlike Any Other... Look how amazing some of these images are from real weddings! See for yourself how gorgeous some of these Verragio engagement rings really are and check out the Men's unique wedding band selection. Call (586) 939-5100 to make your appointment at Birmingham Jewelry in Sterling Heights, your very own Verragio Authorized Dealer and specialist in Michigan.
Click here to browse the FULL Verragio collection, Available for you at Birmingham Jewelry in Sterling Heights. 
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Talking to the Pilibosian Family of Birmingham Jewelry in Sterling Heights, Mich.

How a 24-year-old CEO is leading the charge at Michigan’s Birmingham Jewelry

It's All Relative
By Emili Vesilind, Senior Editor
This story appears in the March 2015 issue of JCK magazine
Talking to the Pilibosian Family of Birmingham Jewelry in Sterling Heights, Mich.
Photographs by Tom McKenzie
Reba, Gregory, and Marina Pilibosian of Birmingham Jewelry

Birmingham Jewelry

Sterling Heights, Mich.
67, first generation

Birmingham Jewelry

Sterling Heights, Mich.
58, first generation

Birmingham Jewelry

Sterling Heights, Mich.
24, second generation

While in college, Marina Pilibosian, CEO of Birmingham Jewelry, thought she was following her passion by majoring in health services administration. But a couple of years into her studies, she realized her real bliss resided at home—at her parents’ independent fine jewelry store in Sterling Heights, Mich. “I always liked science, but I ended up hating [it],” recalls the 24-year-old, who hung out in a playpen at the store when she was a baby. “I didn’t want to come to the store, and years later say, ‘I wish I had been a doctor.’ I had to be sure.” By the time she was 7 or 8, she could pick out earrings or a bracelet to match pieces customers came in wearing, reports her mother, Reba, who oversees Birmingham’s operations. Marina’s father, Gregory, founded the shop in 1975 after ­apprenticing with a master ­jeweler in France, then working as a ­jewelry designer for Chanel in the early 1970s. Gregory and Reba, who are both Armenian by descent (though Gregory was raised in Syria), always hoped Marina would join—and take over—the business. Their hopes are already taking root: “Working with my family is absolutely rewarding,” Marina says. “And it’s nice to see my dad so happy that I want to keep it going.”

Starting Point

Reba: Marina brings all kinds of new ideas to the table and understands what the new generation wants and what they value. At trade shows, she picks things I would never pick. She always said, “Daddy, I’m going to design jewelry and I want you to make it.” When she graduated college in a different field, she decided to come here because she loves what her dad does. 
Marina: I realized in college that I really had it in me to join the business my whole life. I officially came on board in 2013. The business is my father’s lifelong dream and passion. And I like to consider myself a fashionista, so it fits me, too. I love keeping up with new trends and picking out new styles for the store and our customers.

Role Playing

Reba: Everybody does his or her own thing—we all handle our own part of the business. Gregory takes care of the designing and the workshop. I do the paperwork, accounting, and customer service. Marina does the social media. My husband and I have worked together 27 years. Sometimes we argue at work, but as soon as we lock the front door, we’re husband and wife. We leave the business at the business. 
Marina: Social media is a lot of work. You have to do it every day; you have to be interactive with clients. If someone bought something, I ask to take a picture and post it. My dad does heirloom redesigning, and people get so excited about being able to actually wear pieces that are special to them. I try to share those types of posts and if we’re lucky, others share it with their friends.

Mutual Admiration

Gregory: Marina is a very smart girl and she loves the business. When she asks me if she can do something, I always say “okay.” I let her do what she wants because I know she’s going to do a good job. Reba is the boss now, to be honest with you. She runs the whole showroom. She’s a very good business lady, very strong. A business that doesn’t have a strong woman cannot be trusted. Am I right?
Reba: [Laughing] You know what they say—every successful man has a great woman behind him. We make a great team, and I love working with him. Gregory is a very talented designer with a European flair. He still does wax molds, and he is wonderful at bringing heirloom jewelry into [the present]. If someone has a ring they no longer wear as a ring, he can make it into a beautiful ­pendant. He doesn’t ever use salesman speech. Even if a client likes something, he has no hesitation in saying, “This doesn’t suit you.”

The Upside

 - JCK_birmingham_jewelry_2Marina Pilibosian (c.) with parents Reba and Gregory

Gregory: It’s really fun working with my family because we can depend on each other. In business, it’s important to be able to depend on people. I have very nice clients and they enjoy that we’re a family business, too. We have worked with three generations of ­customers from the same family at this point, which is very special.
Marina: Working with my family is cool because I don’t have to worry about how I express my opinions. I can throw my ideas out there without worrying, “What’s my boss going to think about that?” There’s a freedom there.

Room to Grow

Marina: We do get too comfortable sometimes. Whenever we don’t treat each other like family at work, things are smooth and good. When we start getting too comfortable and [familial], that’s when things get challenging.
Reba: We tend to treat employees like they’re family too. So if they make a mistake, we don’t have a [process in place] to tell them what comes next. I talk to them like they’re a brother—I say, “Don’t do that anymore.” Sometimes I think that’s a weakness in the business.

Wise Words

Gregory: When your kids come into the business, train them to give the absolute best customer service. It’s the most important thing. 
Marina: If you’re about to start working with your parents, know that from the first day you walk in, that’s not your mom and dad. Don’t make that mistake. They are coworkers and bosses. Once you start treating them like parents, the whole system falls apart.

Next Steps

Reba: Marina will do great running the store one day. She could do it right now in a heartbeat. She has a lot of knowledge already. 
Marina: My plan is to take over the store, but right now we’re all helping each other in so many ways. They’re helping me grow in the business and learn. I’m helping them modernize and slowly let go. I want them to know that it’s okay. I’m here. I’m going to be okay.

Master Jewelry Designer, Gregory Pilibosian teaches Girl Scouts of America how to make jewelry.

This group of Girl Scouts of America had so much fun learning how a jewelry designer hand crafts fine jewelry as they showed him their techniques of how to make beaded jewelry! So sweet, they all had a great time and learning experience.

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Just Launched: Charles Krypell at Birmingham Jewelry in Sterling Heights! 

We are SO excited to reveal the launch of Charles Krypell at our store, check out this amazing and budget friendly IVY COLLECTION gift set for Valentines Day for your special lady. Featuring bangle bracelets, band rings and 3-ring love necklace!

I Love You Today. I Love You Tomorrow. I Love You Forever.

These items can be purchased as a set of 3 or individually! What better way to show your love than with this hidden but powerful romantic message inscribed inside these gorgeous bangle bracelets, stackable rings or 3-ring necklace.

Bangles Set of 3: $990, 3-Ring Necklace: $420, Rings set of 3: $360

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ONE Lucky Winner! It could be YOU!

Stop by Birmingham Jewelry in Sterling Heights and simply enter our drawing to WIN! During the holidays, we get so caught up on shopping for others, we don't have the time or budget left to treat ourselves, well don't you worry, Birmingham Jewelry is giving away a beautiful Designs by HERA necklace to ONE LUCKY WINNER. All you have to do is come in and enter our drawing! NO PURCHASE NECESSARY! Drawing will close on CHRISTMAS EVE 12/24/14 at 5:00pm. Hurry in to win!

Contest has ended. Click HERE to see the winner!

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Movado BOLD

Be BOLD This holiday Season, Treat yourself or your loved one with a MOVADO from the fabulous BOLD Collection. Available at Birmingham Jewelry in Sterling Heights.

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We are proud to announce we are participating in Small Business Saturday! In 2010, American Express founded Small Business Saturday; a day that encourages people to shop at small businesses on the Saturday after Thanksgiving. The single day has grown into a powerful movement, and more people are taking part than ever before. Americans are passionate about helping out their community businesses and we are passionate about growing our community by giving back. 

This year marks our 39th year in business and we credit our success to the tremendous support we’ve received from our community. With that said, the Tuesday after 'Small Business Saturday' we will be participating in 'Giving Back Tuesday'. We will make a donation to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, a charity that we have made continuous, generous contributions to over the years.

Due to LLS’ extensive research about blood disease over the years, cure rates for many types of blood diseases have increased exponentially; indeed, some cure rates have quadrupled, and we are so proud to be a involved with this wonderful journey. LLS is a nation-wide organization with passionate folks giving back and bringing awareness about blood diseases throughout the country.

So get your American Express registered online to SHOP SMALL on Small Business Saturday. American Express Card Members can register to get up to $30 back when you Shop Small on SMALL BUSINESS SATURDAY. Registration is limited, see website for details. Support your local small business's as we in-turn support the community and as a group, we stimulate our local economy. 

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LULU DK Temporary Tattoos!

*Stylists Choice! - These temporary gold and silver tattoos would make a wonderful stocking stuffer for the trendy & chic! xo-Marina

INTRODUCING: The HOT and trendy Luludk gold and silver tattoos! These beautiful tattoos would make perfect holiday gifts and stocking stuffers! Stop by Birmingham Jewelry in Sterling Heights today to choose your Lulu DK Tattoos! They come in a variety of collections including: Love Story, La Femme, Blue Lagoon, High Noon and Golden I. Each one includes 2 sheets of various styles and they start at only $22! Purchase your Lulu DK Tattoos between now and Thanksgiving and we will apply yours on for free if you'd like! AVAILABLE NOW at Birmingham Jewelry in Sterling Heights.

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Sterling Heights Jeweler giving away rings to Starbucks baristas affected by new company dress code.

By: Jane Park  on  November 7, 2014

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STERLING HEIGHTS (WXYZ) - You won't be seeing your Starbucks barista flashing bling while serving up your latte. A new company dress code now bands workers from wearing watches, bracelets or rings with stones - that includes diamond wedding and engagement rings.
Starbucks says they're just trying to follow food safety guidelines. But the news made waves on social media, prompting some to call for a boycott and others to accuse Starbucks of being anti-marriage.
After reading about the new dress code, a local jeweler had an idea - she's offering a free, tungsten band to any Starbucks employee who has to leave their wedding or engagement ring at home.
Marina Pilibosian, CEO of Birmingham Jewelry, calls herself a big Starbucks fan. She's also a savvy businesswoman.
"Why go naked?" she said. "Some ladies, they feel naked [when they can't wear their rings.] You can wear a beautiful tungsten band," Pilibosian said.
She is offering a free band to all Starbucks baristas in Southeastern Michigan affected by the new dress code.
It won't cost them a penny, but there is a catch.
"Just bring me a chai tea latte while you're at it," Pilibosian joked.
Copyright 2014 Scripps Media, Inc. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed.

Click Here to watch the Video on Channel 7 WXYZ - TV



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October is nationally known as Breast Cancer Awareness Month and Birmingham Jewelry in Sterling Heights is Thinking Pink and showing support for Breast Cancer awareness by incorporating Pink into our logo for the month of October. Along with everything pink, Birmingham Jewelry in Sterling Heights is having a PANDORA FREE Ring promotion all month in October! Stop by our store in Sterling Heights to pick out your favorite stackable PANDORA rings and if you buy two, let us treat you with the third one FREE! What are you doing to show your support for Breast Cancer Awareness this month? Whatever it is, make sure you THINK PINK. TaTa for now! 
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Birmingham Jewelry in Sterling Heights 38th Business Anniversary Celebration Memories from December 2013

That Special Time of Year is Approaching! Birmingham Jewelry in Sterling Heights will be Celebrating 39 Years of Success this December! Check out some past Anniversary Celebration Event Photos of our exclusive event. 

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